4 years of age

At Open Arms, the Pre-K program promotes all facets of your child’s growth and maturity.  Our days are overflowing with an array of activities to keep children active, smiling and learning as we prepare your child for a smooth transition to kindergarten.


Program Features

We continue to work on the following skills that were introduced in preschool:
Reading & Language
  • Create pictures, images and recognize objects
  • Write first and last name
  • Maintain and continue conversations
  • Contribute in group discussion and active listening  


  • Count to 10 or higher
  • Recognize numbers 1-10
  • Distinguish between first and last
  • Classify objects of similarities or differences
  • Follow patterns  


  • Understand that living things will grow and change
  • Be able to discuss the physical changes that occur during the life cycles of plants and animals
  • Describe seasons and environmental changes  
  • Health education
  • Identify body parts and describe functions
  • Categorize food items
  • Understand what grooming activities are important to good hygiene
  • Foster awareness of appropriate social skills
  • Practice a positive attitude towards self and others.