November 2018 Edition
A Living Faith in a Loving God                    
Dear Parents,  
One of the most fun parts of my job is the time I get to spend with your kids each month.  It’s true!  Your kids warm me with their hugs, energize me with their high fives, and make me laugh with their observations.   And the best time of all is our monthly “Children’s Celebration.” 
Last month I told the children about a little guy named David who stood up to a big, mean, giant of man named Goliath.  We learned that, when we face big scary things in life, God is on our side!
This month, as we prepare for Thanksgiving, I’ll tell the children a story about ten people who asked Jesus for help.  When Jesus did as requested, only one remembered to say thank you!  We’ll encourage the children to be like that one man … and always say thank you.
Our Children’s Celebrations are always open to parents.  I invite you to join the fun!  Our special celebrations are held once a month.  This month’s will be Tuesday, November 6 in Southwick, and Wednesday, November 7 in Springfield,  and begins at 11:30 a.m.   You’ll love the music, the message, and, most of all, the kids!
What is our goal?  To give each of your children a beautiful gift … a gift they will treasure and use all their lives … the gift of a living faith in a loving God.
Come, join the fun!