August 2018 Edition
Two Rules for a Great Summer
Want to enjoy a great summer with your kids? Here are two rules to live by …
Rule 1: Encourage daily.
Imagine if God had a contest and said, “I will give you a dollar for every kind word you said in the past year … but … I’m going to take a dollar away for every critical word or negative word you said in the last year.”
Would you be rich or poor?
Your children hunger for your encouragement. Do you lift them up or put them down? Do you give more strokes or pokes? Do you nag or do you brag about your children? When you belittle people, you are being little!
Moms and Dads, whether your kids are knee-high or tree-high, they want to know that you are proud of them. Say something nice every day!
Rule 2: Hug frequently.
UCLA did a study some years ago which, at the time, was considered revolutionary. They discovered that children need 8 to 10 hugs a day for emotional
health. Breakthrough research! Well, the Bible has been talking about this for thousands of years. We are to embrace, to hold, to touch appropriately. Read the Gospels and count how many times Jesus touched people!
A third of our 5 million sense receptors are in our hands. Hug and nurture and cuddle your kids. It’s a prescription for a happy summer … Encourage daily and hug frequently.
Have a great summer!